Amei Hammer

amei hammer
Escrow Operations Manager

Amei Hammer first joined National Closing Solutions in 2001 as an Escrow Assistant. Coming from a banking background, she was looking to advance her understanding of the escrow process in the real estate industry. During her initial tenure with the company, she quickly advanced to Escrow Officer and managed our largest escrow team ever for our largest client.

In 2009, she left NCS to further her real estate knowledge and worked for a mortgage broker/wholesale lender. There, she learned many facets of the lending process, from origination and processing to closing and compliance.

Ms. Hammer returned to NCS in 2015, where she utilized her lending knowledge to create and facilitate workflow processes, which allowed the escrow teams to go paperless and process larger volumes of closings more efficiently. Along with the improvements she instituted, she has been very effective at leading and training various escrow teams and managing a variety of clients ranging from mortgage brokers, wholesale lenders, institutional lenders and credit unions. Amei’s dedication to the staff and process efficiency, as well as her passion for client satisfaction, have led her into her newest role with NCS as the Escrow Manager.

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