Christopher Anub

christopher anub
national accounts manager
Christopher Anub

Christopher Anub joined National Closing Solutions in June 2015 in the Title Department as a Title Researcher. Over the course of five years, Christopher worked up through the department, holding posts such as Lead Title Searcher, Title Officer, and Head of Title Department Training.

In March 2020, Christopher was promoted to Title Production Manager while continuing his roles as Title Officer and Head of Title Department Training. Mr. Anub’s ability to optimize production and increase efficiency led NCS’s Title Department through the company’s highest-grossing and record-breaking years while consistently outperforming other industry leaders in title delivery.

Christopher’s business models and passion for leading strategy, change, and organizational improvement by helping lead teams to be more productive, successful, and fulfilled have led to his most recent endeavor with NCS as the company’s National Accounts Manager.

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