Origination Services

Our mission is to provide fast, accurate information that enables our customers to make sound business decisions. We are dedicated to maintaining our competitive edge with fast turnaround time, quality products and the latest technology. Our products, combined with our "Customer-First Service" and the latest technology solutions, make NCS your true business partner.

Title Products

Thorough title searches provide easy-to-understand title and property reports while meeting your demand for quick turnaround times. National Closing Solutions' (NCS) nationwide network of title plants and abstractors allows us to provide competitively priced and timely services that conform to each state's guidelines. Our easy-to-order title products take you from application to closing with your lien secured and protected.

Settlement Services

National Closing Solutions offers settlement services as part of our total business solution for loan closings. Our menu of services is the most comprehensive in the industry and is customizable to meet your company's objectives.

NCS provides settlement services through one of our many closing teams. Each team is formulated to match up to the specific requirements of our clients' business model such as credit union, lender-specific, reverse mortgage, equity lending, sub-escrow, title only, etc. We utilize ResWare closing software, the most comprehensive system available in the industry today.

Signing Services

We realize how important a timely and convenient closing is to you and your customers. NCS will coordinate the execution of the loan documents to meet your deadline. Our signing services give you the power to close your loans when you want, where you want. With our national attorney and notary network, we customize the procedure to your needs. To order signing services, Login to the NCS Order Center and click on "Place an Order".